Michael O’Brien

Trainer & Coach

Michael is a Positive Psychology coach who teaches positive psychology interventions and resilience.

Michael has delivered training for a wide variety of organisations. He has worked with, state and semi state agencies as well as groups from the private sector and NGO’s. Michael has delivered training in Ireland and the UK as well as Africa and Asia; delivering training for over twenty five years in a range of different settings.

Michael has a particular interest in the somato-psychic side of positive psychology and his published research is on the effects of physical activity on well-being. He holds a MSc in Applied Positive Psychology, a BBS and is a certified CISM Peer.

Prior to life as a Positive Psychology Coach, Michael spent twenty years in the Irish Army during which time he had the opportunity to serve on missions in the middle east, Africa and Asia as well as working as part of an EU battlegroup. He completed numerous courses during his military career and was regularly involved in all stages of training from design to delivery as well as the subsequent evaluation.

On a personal note, Michael lives with his wife and two children, a dog and occasionally a cat. He has a wide variety of interests ranging from bee keeping to sea swimming.

Here at SafeHaven, Michael is part of our on-call CISM and workplace-training teams.

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