Dawn Haworth

CISM Team Leader

Dawn’s psychotherapy and critical incident skills have been called upon both nationally and internationally. She has attended a wide range of incidents, including debriefing ground staff caught up in the 2016 Brussels Airport terrorist attacks. Her style of working is congruent, light-hearted and professional, she is able to put people at their ease while supporting them through a difficult and emotional time in their lives.

Her studies in psychological trauma and work with trauma survivors began in 2006 and she has continued to specialise by studying an MSc in ‘Therapeutic Practice in Psychological Trauma’, and becoming an ICISF practitioner and accredited Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapist. With this knowledge and experience Dawn assists in the prevention of psychological trauma from becoming debilitating.

Dawn is one of our 247-call-line team, CISM team leaders and Peer-to-Peer trainers.

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