Charlotte Copeland

Managing Director
CISM Team Coordinator

Charlotte is the managing director of SafeHaven Trauma Centre Ltd and SafeHaven CISM.


Charlotte is trained as an integrative psychotherapist and advanced craniosacral therapist, specialising in mind-body health and trauma recovery over the last 17+ years; she is also an EAGALA certified professional, delivering Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Latterly, her particular area of interest has become transpersonal (spiritual) psychology and how, as people, we integrate biological instinct, intellect and spirituality within and across our lifetime.

Therapeutically, Charlotte continues to work with people traumatised from a range of different experiences, including combat veterans; hostages; victims of torture; victims of terrorism; asylum seekers; suicide attempts and survivors of suicide; catastrophic injury; those diagnosed with terminal illness; fracturing spiritual experiences.

Charlotte spent 2 years on the board of the National Register of Hypnotherapists & Psychotherapists; and for 5 years acted as lead psychotherapist for the Haematology Department at Central Manchester University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Organisational Crisis Mental Health Care (CISM):

Passionate about the welfare of people and the benefits of clear and simple preventative and responsive measures for psychological trauma, Charlotte established the UK’s first internationally accredited Critical Incident Stress Management Service, here at SafeHaven.

Charlotte has worked advising on policy and SOP development and provided training in crisis mental health care across a range of sectors including humanitarian aid programmes; OEM’s; INGO’s; national retail chains; forensic science; emergency services; government departments; maritime; media, TV and film production; construction.

CISM provision has ranged from organisational restructuring; bullying; tribunal’s; vicarious trauma risk & burnout in high stress environments; serious assault; catastrophic injury; hostage scenarios & retrievals; unexpected or accidental death; suicide; acts of terrorism.


In 2015 her initial research in to psychotherapeutic support for haemato-oncological patients was the first submission from the Trust’s Haematology department to receive a prize at the British Society for Haematology medical conference.

From her Master’s degree in Therapeutic Practice for Psychological Trauma (University of Chester), Charlotte’s research, explored Emo-Somatic Therapy (integrative psychotherapy with craniosacral therapy) as an effective new method for PTSD treatment, for which she gained a distinction. A poster presentation for this research was presented at the 2017 International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS) Annual Conference in Chicago.


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