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The management of psychological trauma is now recognised as a Duty of Care responsibility for organisations. But it still attracts debate around best practice. So what are some common misconceptions, and how can they be addressed?

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) is a system of established procedures and protocols that enable an organisation to effectively manage the psychological impact of critical incidents when they occur. CISM is designed to stabilise a situation in the aftermath of a critical incident, mitigate the psychological impact on those directly and indirectly affected (such as witnesses or those who provide third-party support) and facilitate recovery. It is a comprehensive system that covers pre-incident preparation, crisis response and post-incident support.

By Charlotte Copeland It’s not unusual, when we’re talking with school leaders, for them to recount a tragedy they’ve experienced at their …

After another highly successful show last year, we’re delighted to be exhibiting at the International Security Expo at Olympia, and are very …

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