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SafeHaven Psychological First Aid App

When your employees are stressed or have experienced a traumatic incident, they need swift, simple and easily accessible support and advice. Advice that is a specialism and often beyond your existing EAP programme. Advice that comes from experienced psychiatrists, psychologists and trained therapists.

As your people recover and manage their ongoing wellbeing, the critical step so often missed is the psychoeducation to foster and embed these skills. It is this education that explains the science behind what they are doing, and why it is making them feel better.


The SafeHaven App is a psychological first aid tool that enables organisations to meet best practice guidelines and international standards for supporting personnel both pro-actively and in the aftermath of an incident.

Fully compatible across all devices, our app provides personnel with psychoeducation and skills to build and maintain psychological resilience; as well as understand how to support themselves and colleagues when acutely stressed, upset or distressed.

To explore how our App could support your organisations’ well-being strategy, contact us to arrange a demonstration.

You can also download the brochure here: Our new psychological wellbeing app