Dr Emilie Medeiros

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Bilingual French-English, Dr Medeiros’s professional efforts have focused on supporting the holistic recovery of children and adult suffering from extreme stress and survivors of human rights violations.

She is a clinical psychologist and medical anthropologist with 17 years experience of supporting crisis response to supporting individuals suffering from grief and trauma in humanitarian emergencies and crisis in the UK (NHS) and internationally through INGOS and United Nation agencies.

Emilie is an active PSVI [Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative] expert for the Stabilisation Unit (British Foreign and Commonwealth Office), and an Associate Victim Expert for the International Criminal Court (Gender and Children Unit, Office of The Prosecutor). She also has unique expertise in the recovery of ‘child soldiers’ or young people involved in armed groups conflicts, which informs her clinical and academic efforts in developing culturally-appropriate policies and services addressing the long-term effects and healing mechanisms at stake for survivors.

Emilie acts as a consultant clinical psychologist for SafeHaven, bringing her expertise on managing the impact of trauma within differing cultural contexts; she also assists as part of our workplace training team.

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