ICISF World Congress 2021

SafeHaven CISM Team Director, Oliver Barbour, & our CISM Team Coordinator, Charlotte Copeland, were delighted to present on the SafeHaven CISM Response to the Recent Beirut Explosion at the ICISF Congress this year. The International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF)World Congress 16 ran from May 25-27, 2021. Ollie and Charlotte presented on strategic planning and major incident response, sharing their knowledge and experience of how to apply psychological crisis interventions…

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Once upon a time in Iraq

Our congratulations to KEO Films for their gripping documentary. SafeHaven provided training and a range of support services to the teams at KEO Films for the production of this incredible documentary series. The services were designed to enable KEO Films to effectively support contributor and crew psychological safety and wellbeing, whilst exploring such a challenging topic. The full series is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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Treatment Centre Update to COVID19 Policy

At SafeHaven, we take the health and safety of all of our clients, as well as ourselves very seriously.  We have taken careful consideration of the government guidelines regarding COVID-19 as well as the advice of our professional bodies.  Please read the policy so that you understand the measures we have put in place to protect you and so that you understand what to do should you or anyone you…

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SafeHaven CISM COVID19 Service Update

The current situation with COVID 19 is creating massive change for everyone.   To ensure we appropriately isolate, we have transferred our services on to our remote systems; allowing us to ensure the full range of support remains available.   Due to several requests, in addition to our usual psychological services, we have extended the range of tele-health support organisations have the option of offering personnel. Our treatment centre team…

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Treatment Centre COVID19 update 30th March

As of last week, and in line with the government notifications, all our appointments have now been transferred on to our tele-health service.   For clients: In place of your face-to-face appointment, you will be offered an online session for psychotherapy, counselling or mindfulness. For clients who had acupuncture arranged, there is the option of changing to a taught acupressure session. If you are looking for update information about the…

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Treatment Centre: COVID-19 Policy

SafeHaven Trauma Centre COVID-19 Policy   As you will all be aware, the COVID-19 virus is in the UK and measures are being taken to stop the spread of the virus.  At SafeHaven Trauma Centre, we have formulated a policy to support these measures. For clients: If you have the symptoms of a cold or temperature, no matter how mild, we ask that you cancel your appointment and do not…

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Supporting colleagues with a mental health diagnosis

You are likely to be providing the soft skills essential to support your team. However, it might be helpful to develop a process and recognise your own limitations as continuously supporting those who are struggling can at times become draining. It’s important you are looking after your mental health whilst in this supportive role.   How do you offer support? Arrange regular one to one’s – check on where how…

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Workplace stress

Developing a culture to include Mental Health

Workplace Culture starts with leadership from the top, rippling down. It’s crucial for managers to incorporate an open approach when talking mental health. Suggestions for introducing within the workplace: Start to discuss mental health within team meetings. Include mental health within the organisation health and wellbeing policy Backing up with a message the ‘support will be offered rather than discrimination’ ‘Mental health will be treated as important as physical health’…

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Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

Today marks the first day of national ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’. This year is focused on work-related stress. At SafeHaven CISM our focus is on helping employees and employers create a mentally healthy workforce, in which every single person feels safe, supported and valued. Throughout this week, we will be discussing a range of useful information, guidance, tips, and support on how a safe workplace can be achieved. Feeling overwhelmed…

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sleep tips

Top Tips for Managing Fatigue

When an individual has experienced a traumatic event, or a critical incident (any event that causes unusually strong emotional reactions) the strong reactions they can induce have the potential to interfere with their ability to function and go about their daily life, in a ‘normal’ way. One of these abilities could be a severe increase in tiredness and fatigue. Most of the time fatigue is commonly related to stress, grief…

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