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What we help with - SafeHaven

We help referrers

  1. Obtain a diagnosis or a second opinion for their client
  2. Obtain an expert witness report, suitable for court hearings, assessing symptoms and level of impact on an individual’s life
  3. Have their clients assessed for appropriate treatments for their condition
  4. Arrange and implement treatment (care plans), through our treatment centre


Benefits of our referral service

  • Full suite of services: from diagnosis to reporting, through to treatment and after-care, a client can attend for one or several services. Providing reliability and consistency of service for increased familiarity and safety – supporting traumatised clients.
  • Continuity of care: we provide one point of contact for both the referrer and the end-client, enabling a relationship to be built and ensuring swift and easy communication throughout your time with us.


What types of incidents are typical for referral?

Personal incidents can include:

  • Road traffic accidents. For example with a car, bike, lorry or as a pedestrian
  • Train accidents. These can be for the driver or a passenger
  • Flying or boating accidents
  • Work related accidents
  • Medical accidents
  • Assault
  • Abuse. This can be emotional, physical or sexual.
  • Natural disaster accidents
  • Refugee and asylum seeker Mental Health Issues
  • Military trauma
  • Kidnapping and hostage taking. This can be with or without torture during captivity.


Workplace related incidents can include:

  • Work place stress (bullying, harassment, relationship conflict and workload-related)
  • Work place trauma (critical incidents such as accidents, assault, death, disasters or terrorism)
  • Health Issues (physical and psychological) including anxiety, depression, drug misuse and chronic pain