Why would I attend a Mindfulness course?

Have you noticed how often stress, and how stressed people feel, crops up in our conversations?

Many people are finding the stresses and strains of modern life are taking a toll on their mental and physical health.  However, the ‘stress response’ is a natural response to threats, perceived threats or life events. This natural response is not necessarily negative.  For short periods of time, stress may help us perform well in high pressure situations or get us out of a dangerous situation.

When we experience stress a wide variety of physical and psychological symptoms or reactions can occur, most of the time these reactions quickly fade away after the moment has passed. It is when we become “stuck” in stress reactivity or ‘fight or flight’ mode for a prolonged period of time that stress may manifest in ways that have an adverse impact on our physical and psychological well-being.

Since its’ inception in 1979, over 20,000 people have taken the MBSR programme.  It is an evidence-based psycho-education programme.  During the 8 weeks of the programme, participants learn to cultivate inner resources and develop skills that help them meet and work with the challenges of life such stress, pain and illness more effectively. MBSR offers participants a powerful integrative approach, that when applied to everyday living can lead to health, healing and well-being.

Mindfulness is about turning off our automatic pilot, becoming aware and being present to each precious moment of our lives.  This awareness can be used in the service of our learning, growing and healing.


Some reasons people participate in the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programme:

-Develop more effective ways of coping with stress

-Chronic pain and illness


-Self care


-Digestive problems

-High blood pressure

-Mood disorders

-Sleep disturbances

-Increase ability to relax

-Heart disease

-Personal well-being



At SafeHaven our MBSR courses are run in small groups and promote a fun, safe and friendly atmosphere.

Dates for our courses can be found on our event page, or just get in touch if you would like to know more.


This article is written by our resident MBSR instructor Rachel Millsted.

Hear Rachel talking about learning mindfulness with her during the 8 week MBSR course:



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