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Training & Consultancy

Access training and consultancy, in order to strengthen your organisation’s response to incidents.

Through a risk audit and evaluation of the existing welfare provision against best practice guidelines and ISO standards, your organisation can better understand the psychological risks it may be exposed to. Implemention of suitable policies and standard operating procedures, alongside tailored mental health training, assists your organisation in being both proactive and responsive to the psychological welfare of your personnel.

Services include:

  • Strategic Consultancy (including  risk assessments and policy development)
  • Organisational training


Organisational Training

An important part of supporting mental health and effectively managing psychological critical incidents in the workplace, is how your organisation proactively addresses psychological resilience and how you respond in the immediate aftermath of an incident.

The right training ensures your organisation meets best practice guidelines through appropriate peer-level mental health support. Trained peers can foster resilience as well as mitigate the impact of stress and psychological trauma to help the people in your organisation recover.

You can access a range of 1 or 2 day face-to-face training courses or online e-programmes.

Face-to-face training:

  1. *Workplace Mental Health Awareness (wellbeing-champion training, 1-day)
  2. *Mental Health Awareness for Productions Crews Working with Contributors (1-day)
  3. Bed-Watch Mental Health Awareness (training for security personnel working in care settings, 1-day)
  4. *Workplace PTSD Awareness & Resilience (developing personal resilience & trauma awareness in the workplace, 1-day)
  5. Suicide Awareness (1-day)
  6. *Brief Psychological First Aid (peri-crisis response skills training, 1-day)
  7. *Trauma-Responsive Psychological First Aid (organisational psycho-social-support skills training, 2-day)
  8.  Simulation Training – in Brief or Trauma-Focused Psychological First Aid (1-day)

* These training courses are approved by the British Psychological Society for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Note: All our training courses are delivered by Mental Health Professionals.

In addition, optional specialist peers co-deliver training with our MHP; to promote learning opportunities for delegates from a mental health and sector specific perspective.



In 2021 the SafeHaven Academy will be launched, providing a suite of blended e-learning programmes.

Initial courses cover PTSD, workplace stress, psychological resilience and vicarious trauma risk. Please contact us for further information.


Bespoke Training

We work with many organisations who operate in highly specialised areas. If your organisation falls in to this category, you will likely have specific training requirements. In these circumstances training courses would be tailored to your specific needs. Please contact us to discuss this further.


Training locations

Training is delivered on your premises or at a convenient alternative location, to best suit your organisations needs.


Please contact us for further information or to discuss you specific requirements