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Bullying?   Assault?   Serious Accident?   Fatality?

Suicide?   Disaster?   Terrorism?


SafeHaven are specialists is Crisis & Disaster Mental Health Care. Through SafeHaven you can access a range of psychological services compliant with best practice guidelines and ISO standards for managing the impact of psychological critical incidents and providing psychosocial support. Ensuring that as an organisation you are prepared and can respond effectively to the impact of acute stress and psychological trauma in your workplace.


Services include:

Training & Consultancy: Peer-level mental health training and policy development for organisations. 
Implementing effective peer level mental health & psychosocial support training in the workplace. Supporting that training through the development of clear policies and protocols, in line with best practice guidelines and ISO standards. Access assistance on psychological risk management, policy development and both face-to-face and e-learning training for staff; ensuring an appropriate peer-level psychosocial support system is in place for your personnel.


On-Call Teams: 24/7 on-call CISM crisis mental health teams for major incident support.
Access on-call CISM psychosocial mental health teams, to support the psychological welfare of your personnel in the aftermath of a major incident. On-call CISM teams respond 24/7 and attend your premises, or suitable nearby alternative location, to meet with your staff individually, in their teams and/or as a group. 


Tele-Health: Providing trauma-focused counselling and supervision of peer mental health networks.

Counselling support:  Promoting psychological well-being in the workplace and providing your employees with access to both trauma-responsive and general counselling. Our private and confidential service provides support through our tele-health platform. We also offer the option for  face-to-face support in the UK.

Support for peer mental health networks: Ensuring you to meet best practice guidelines for managing the welfare of personnel providing peer support in the workplace; our tele-health platform provides your personnel with access to highly experienced mental health care professionals. Access assistance to manage the psychological safety of another person, for supervision, or for live psychological crisis management; this service provides support for your personnel 365 days of the year. 


Digital Health: E-Learning, Support App & Online Programmes.
Provide your personnel with valuable resilience building and self-care information in timely and easy to access ways. Whether the challenge is lone workers, those out in remote locations or involves reaching large numbers of people swiftly, our psychosocial support App and e-Academy help you to effectively support the psychological wellbeing of your people.



SafeHaven CISM response service is verified by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF).


Pre-incident preparation

Preparing for managing the impact of a psychological critical incident involves understanding the psychological risk profile of your organisation. You can achieve this through a psychological risk audit and gap analysis, to identify your organisation’s needs for crisis mental health care against best practice guidelines and ISO standards. Implementing effective peer-support can then be achieved through policies and standard operating procedures alongside tailored  in-house training for designated staff; ensuring your peer-network has a detailed action plan identifying when and how to respond when an incident occurs.


Crisis response

If your organisation experiences a critical incident that has the potential to cause people acute stress or distress, you can access a team of specially trained CISM crisis mental health professionals who will attend your premises, or an alternative nearby location, to mitigate the psychological impact and manage the psychological safety of those involved.

Initial support will often be engaged in the immediate aftermath of an incident; however, effective support can also be provided several weeks  later. As part of the service, every person we support also receives follow up assistance with our mental health professionals over the first few weeks of their recovery.

CISM stands for Critical Incident Stress Management, an established best practice range of psychosocial support interventions designed to support people after shocking incidents. As the only UK accredited CISM service, you can ensure that with our mental-health teams your personnel receive the highest standards in psychosocial care.


Post-incident support

After a psychological critical incident it is not unusual to find up to one third of the people involved significantly affected and either struggling to cope with the demands of their job or absent from work. When this happens you have access to our tele-health support service; your staff can access psychological assessments and counselling, to support them through their recovery.




Our head office is in Stockport, Greater Manchester, UK.

Training, response and our tele-health support services are provided globally.