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Digital Health

Whilst digital based support would never completely replace simple, well-informed human to human interaction after a traumatic experience, it does provide an effective way to reach personnel with valuable information; whether the challenge is lone workers, those out in remote locations or involves reaching large numbers of people swiftly .

Our digital health solutions are designed to marry with an organisations crisis and general mental health strategies and to support trained peers who are tasked with supporting others within the workplace.

These digital health solutions ensure an organisation can be compliant with international standards for supporting the psychological well being of the people. These include the ISO 22330, International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, the World Health Organisation and British Psychological Society.

We offer 3 digital- health solutions to assist with preparing for and responding to the impact of stress and distress. These include:

  1. Online Academy: Preparedness e-learning courses to foster psychological well-being & resilience
  2. SafeHaven App: Providing proactive and responsive psychosocial support. The app assists in building psychological wellbeing and resilience; it provides psychological first aid information and guidance, to assist after shock and trauma. We also offer the option to access to our trauma-responsive counselling and peer-supervision services from within the app.
  3. Power to Recover: A structured 6 week online support programme with a mental health professional, to facilitate recovery after experiencing a traumatic event



To explore how digital health could support your organisations’ well-being strategy, contact us for further information.